Horse Derby :3

Sooooooo I was thinking it’d be kinda cool if in the next update we have horse derbies held in towns. Maybe have a couple of them set up just to have more than one kind. I was thinking it’d be cool if we had some racers show their stuff in a marathon on a few tracks and then when the real racing begins the tracks become more and more advanced, maybe have a few things that test agility, speed, and jumps and whatever else can be thrown at a horse :smiley:
Then we can have a new way to make money :3 The racers will of course get a cut of all the profits, and the winners of each bet will get a the cut allotted to them.

I think this could be loads of fun :DDD

Yes. I’m in.

maybe it is better to re do this post when we get started and not now already because we don’t know when the update will happen and when the server resets

Well i just made this post because i’ve been watching some horse videos and haven’t found a very good horse derby. Just thought i’d get people thinking about it so we would have basic ideas when it comes out :slight_smile:

Edit: I suggest the only places that can have “official” derby races are big towns with a decent population. Those are the ones that can count towards the major race. The major races will be held in either a major giant city or in a town of its own.
Of course there can always be chances for “underground” races to sneak their way in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Point being, only the best of the best can make a living at this and make it to the finals.

Finally found a video with something like what I want the main derby to look like. Clearly there will be more to do with the main derby, but this is the general idea:
Sorry for the double post. Just making sure people keep up with this idea. So far quite a few ideas have died that come up on this server, just trying to give this one a chance.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but as i have heard from developers and people who ard close with the developers, all the horses have different and unique abilities that apply to a certain breed. This can make things difficult for a horse durby because one perskn may have the fastest horse in the game

Well then good for that person. They may struggle if some of the others can get over extra high jumps though.

Yeah… That’s kinda the point of these derbies :stuck_out_tongue: You have to breed the perfect horse or just take the really good with the really bad. It’s not just a one trick pony kinda derby :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: pun not intended

If at all possible I’d like it if we could get someone to record these races and possibly have them put on the PCB YouTube. It’d give us a good bit of activity we’ve been lacking there

Yes! I shall get to building one RIGHT AWAY! I live by an old closed-down one, so I have a nice reference!

Awesome. Now these don’t have to be regular running ones, they can also have obstacles and what not, just to give some reason not to have the fastest horse:P

Just bumping this a bit. If anybody has any ideas or some builds of their own, I would love to see them.