Horrible Lag

Its been a couple weeks that our server is having horrible lag. I cant even pplay because I day all the time of the lag.

Is anyone using excessive redstone? Or putting down lots of running water/lava? Plenty of people have been expereancing lag, meaning that someone is doing somethig that is causing this lag.

I asked andy about this also he thinks it may be the server reboot wrapper, the thing that allows us to remotely reset the server and having it auto-restart every 6hrs. I think that is a reasonable assumption, but it may also be something with the host. When andy sees this he probably will post more details.

This lag comes in waves, if the causes were any of above mentioned, it would be continuous. Might be wrong though.

I agree with sip, that and the more frequent world saves. Also it really hasn’t been that bad at all for me lately, this could all just be clientside…

Well, when I scream LAG, often others do it too. I have a little bit of clientside lag, but a huge it of server lag.

I’m with Delta. I get lag a good portion of the time, and it does indeed come in waves. Often i just see some minor lag but there are very crippling waves that can halt anything i’m trying to do or can inadvertently get me killed by mobs. I dont know if its my wireless internet system or if its the server, but i’m not the only one with a lag problem, so, I’m really not sure.

Ideally you would be on a hard wired connection, but wireless shouldn’t affect the lag that happens. Read R33B0K and my post above for a probable reason.

That’s one of my pet peeves with some of the members of this server, seriously, pretty sure I can tell when it’s lagging and I don’t need everybody spamming the chat with “LAG” every two seconds as if we don’t already know.

Cut. It. Out.

(Im not picking on you Deltavor, a TON of people do it and it drives me insane)

It’s hard to pin point the source of the lag. I am still fairly sure it is the server reboot wrapper, but that is currently the reason keeping this server up 24/7. It may be the increased map saves every 10 minutes and I can try decrease the frequency.

I will be updating the server software to the latest RB soon (which could be another reason for the lag). There’s an awful lot of plausibe sources and not a great deal of ways to pin point it

Edit: I’ve also recently noticed a decline in RAM availability. Normally when people leave the server, at least 90% of their RAM usage is recycled back for others to use. Lately however, the RAM is declining at a faster rate and not recycling as much. There are times where it reaches 250mb and this is when the server becomes sluggish and REALLY laggy

That RAM thing, before only 90% was recycled that’s pretty bad actually, and now its even worse. Think every 10 times when someone logs off it has wasted the space for a whole user, while that may not seem to to bad many people log on and off to get the lag away. That probably doesn’t help but like they have said above it comes in waves very inconsistently, so for the lag we are experiencing could be both the rebbot wrapper but how much cpu/ram is it really taking, Idk if its taking that much its horribly inefficient with resources. RB (Bukkit Release?) Seems more likely to me as there are consistent builds. Sorry for hijacking the post OP

Hence why we have 6 hour reboots to restore the RAM back to it’s maximum available capacity. 6 hours is ample time.

Seeing as it’s waves, that leads me to believe it could be the world saves which I fixed up and reimplemented. Because Minecraft utilises RAM and CPU so poorly, it fluctuates so wildly that I can’t get proper approximations of its usage - therefore I can’t compare it to before without the wrapper and now with the wrapper.

Another theory could be the nether.

Edit: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-performancetweaks-v0-08-disc-usage-minimizer-and-more-818.15827/

Maybe I should put that back onto the server ^

That plugin definitely looks like its worth a second look, could never hurt to try out. It sounds like the RAM recycling is the core issue here to me. In retrospect the 10 minute world saves make it lag for a few seconds during the save but other than that they cant be attributed to the other problems we are having. Another possible option is the remote restart after a server crash. If we got that working and had a few choice people in each time zone with the ability to bring it back up, that might negate the reboot wrapper, possibly solving our problems

The problem is that the reason anyone is able to even boot it up is through the restart wrapper. It works by being a program which then runs the Bukkit software within it. That way, if Bukkit every crashes or freezes, the wrapper is still able to interact with it and shut it down/restart/start it.

Without the wrapper, it’s not possible to boot the server without console access (which I do not wish to give to anyone). Even with console access, you would need a very good knowledge of how to use a Linux Terminal on top of the way I’ve structured everything, the shell scripts I’ve set up and the way the server is organised.

^ Makes sense don’t want anyone mucking around and potentially screwing something up. That plugin looks like a fairly good option. Again I have a feeling that it may be the bukkit version, only because before we switched the maps completely over we didn’t have this problem and we were on an older version which caused world holes on almost every tp. As I recall we had this version almost until the switch. After we had the new version we started seeing these weird waves of lag and having people timeout (not helping the RAM issue), I haven’t really checked bukkit to often tbh or the bugs in each version. Kinda my theory, although not completely mine just built upon others. Andy can you tell the cpu/ram usage of the wrapper, I kinda doubt that that’s it from what I’ve heard from you know. And the RAM issue is a problem but we can’t do anything besides maybe the plugin.

Not sure if this will help, but my method of loading an area is to press the fog button. Instead of logging out and in to load an area faster, the fog button seem to do it just as well if not better.

If more did this method, do you think wasted ram would decrease?

That only helps with client side kyle
and, nothing here causing this is client side.

These lag spikes can last anywhere from 2 seconds to 2 minutes. and even when i restart the server it still lags about 1 minute after booting up.

Hard what are you talking about? What Kyle is saying will prevent more relog’s thus helping the RAM recycling issue…

Andy, I agree with you, having set up my own server I know the way these things end up set up is very personalized and for another one to have console access would require a lot of instruction and even then its still not the smartest idea. I think our best bet is to try the plug-in and wait for a new bukkit release.