Homer's Construction Co.

[size=36pt]Homer’s Construction Co.

Homer’s Construction Co will do anything from Building a house to building an apartment building. Homer’s Construction Co will do there best to please you with there work, if you do not like the work they have done, we will give you a refund within 48 hours of your renovation or building. If you do not contact anyone within 48 hours, you will not get your refund at all. If you get a refund, Homer’s Construction Co will go to the site of the building/renovation, and demolish all of the work they have done. Homer’s Construction Co HQ Is in farcoast if you cannot contact anyone who works at Homer’s Construction Co.


Counter Worker - Works at the desk at the HQ

Customer Service - These people help the people who want refunds, or the people who have questions.

Renovator - These people ONLY Renovate, they do not build.

Constructor - These people will construct the design of the building.

Designer - The people make designs for the building being constructed

Co Manager - Is the Co Manager of the HQ/Shops

Manager - Manages the HQ/Shops

General Manager - Is the boss at the HQ/ Shops when Homer is not around

To Contact Homer: Mail him, Or PM him on the website.


Counter Worker - 20$

Customer Service - 25$

Renovator - 50$

Constructor - 100$

Designer - 150$

Co Manager - 200$

Manager - 300$

General Manager 400$

To me Designer and Constructor are the same job, and that job would be the architect.

Seems like a lot of work IMO

Also you’d have to pay workers 2x, to build it then destroy it, to get 0 money in the end. It wont work :L

Is the money per day, job, goal, or what?