Homer455's Rollback

Apparently, Homer455 has been roll’d back. This is a major problem, because of all the tasks he has done in Middlebury. Right now, there are homes and leaves floating in the streets and people’s homes. To make matters worse, I had paid him thousands of dollars to lay stone streets, now all of which have been undone. I don’t know who it will come from, assuming a staff member, to return the money for jobs that have now been undone, and for the materials that are missing from Middlebury. Thank you, and the sooner I can get supplies and money, I can fix Middlebury.

Ah, Yomi said something to this effect in Steampunk earlier today, Im very sorry Ferrari, i cannot do much about the money, i can however help with the stone, just point me in the direction and ill make sure it gets fixed

I’m odviously frusterated, but I’m not directing that at you, and don’t blame you. I don’t think that you should use your own stone or reasorses to fix this. I think an SOP should fix this with WE (using creative in survival). Also, I usually wouldn’t care about money, however I did pay probably over $3,500 for the roads to be done.

Homer has done many jobs for me in tybalt, and placed a lot of dirt… all of that it gone now. I’ve payed him thousands of dollars for those jobs alltogether… Can somebody help me out here?

Shadow did you delete the Rollback Log?, if not then you we can just get spec to go to the log and undo the rollback.

And clear his inv…

and delete his homes…

I also suggested this also

i know Special, Cherry, Nek, Sacred and I tried to clean most of this up last night, i would like to once again apologize for making things this hard on everyone. Would have never thought it would end up like this.

If there is anything else that someone notices is not un-rolled back, please post it, coords, a pic if possible and we will try to clear it up asap.