Homer455 - Sometime in October/November...? of 2013


Minecraft Username Homer455

Date of Ban Sometime in October/November…? of 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Metazealot

Reason for Ban Griefing

Reason to be Unbanned Because I have changed,I have become more mature within the few months of my ban. I’ve been going to other servers, reminding myself of the damage I have done here, I am really sorry to those owners of the properties I have damaged. If I don’t get accepted back in, I am alright with that, because I have done a absurd amount of damage. Anyways, if I don’t get accepted, sorry for the damage. I also can’t see forum posts because I got banned from dynmap, but I can view it. Just no the forums.

Best Wishes,

The Unloved, Homer455

[ Ban History ] 2 other ban appeals found
5th of January, 2014

4th of January, 2014

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I can’t support to have you unbanned. But we have had some good times together. The Pie Poems were one of my favorite. Thanks for those memories, I just don’t think it’s enough after the events.

Forever went by that fast? I hadn’t noticed…

We all know that if we unban him the same old same old is going to happen again. You can’t unban him expecting him to change, but if you want to deal with his constant nonsense go ahead and unban him…

Nu-uh. Nope. Zilcho.


You have had far too many chances and fucked up all of them.

Sorry homer, but I think the consensus here is that your punishment has not expired, if it ever will.

OR we could not.

I don’t know how many fucking times we’ve been in this situation, but enough is enough.

Meta was the banner, he has made his decision.

Remaining banned. Forever.

lmfao. i just read UK’s post.

Do you have any idea how many times we’ve done that? at LEAST 3 times, and he fucks up everytime.