Homer455 - November 11th, 2013


Minecraft Username Homer455

Date of Ban November 11th, 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Metazealot

Reason for Ban Griefing

Reason to be Unbanned I’ve lately become more understanding of how annoying I was. I griefed the server non-stop. Ive become staff member for a Minecraft economy server, and I have had to deal with many griefers, which lead me to think, PCB staff were trying to teach me something, but I couldn’t get the message back then. I guess PCB just got the bad side of me, so this is where I change. Ive become more understanding of griefing, how annoying it is, how annoying griefers are, and I have become more co-operative. I am here, begging for forgiveness, and one more chance.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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I feel like there is a chance that maybe we can trust him again, after all this ban has been in place for a long time now and I can take into consideration his ban appeal. It’s short but at least it’s honest. It’s not my decision since I wasn’t the one who banned, however I do support unbanning if the majority feels the same

Previous appeals. People were pretty serious in never unbanning you, so why change minds now?

TBH I don’t actually know what Homer did, could someone summarise?

Also Meta is currently rolling around in the mud whilst being shot, so he probably won’t be able to respond.

Here is his last appeal, and all connected appeals with it.


Basically, swearing excessively on numerous occasions, insulting, verbal abuse as well as actions that made him a nuisance. We may not ban for being annoying, but when a player is almost non-stop mistreating others and being a pain in the neck, as he was, we all have our boiling points.

Nothing personal, but I stand by prior decisions, and to leave him banned.

My change of mind since he’s been banned for about 2 years now and at tis point I would give him a chance since he’s a few years older and has expressed his understanding of his own problems based on his own experience as a heirarchy on another server. He keeps appealing, not super excessivley but every once in a while. That to me shows he has accepted responsibility and dedication to PCB for me. If unbanned he must understand there will be no more second chances, that it will be the last straw. We can keep this appeal going and see what other staff have to say perhaps since it’s unlikely we’ll be hearing from Meta anytime soon

Any other staff have anything to say?

I was not involved with him much, but it seems clear from previous posts that he should remain banned. Enough ass-hattery to piss off main staff members like that? I just don’t want to deal with future drama.

His ban appeal says that he understands griefing more now. What he did is not exactly griefing, but harassment. Not sure he sees the difference.

Don’t we have a specialised list for this sort of scenario that we like, recently created following Ninja’s unbanning?

I agree, and in the worst scenario, we ban him again forever.

So, now that I’m done getting shot at for awhile, I’m able to sit down and read this.

Personally, I never had any ill will with Homer. At the end of what happened way long ago, he asked me to ban him since he knew he had fucked up. I think that as some have said, the amount of time he has been banned and the general infrequency of his ban appeals shows some reserved patience and maturity on his part. I personally would not mind giving him a second chance. However, I have been gone about a month in the field, so I’m not sure if I should get the final say on this, but ill vote for the “unban, but if he fucks up again he’s screwed” choice.

Anyone strongly opposed to the unban?

Myself and Meta (2 SOPs) have voted unban, but if the majority of staff would like to keep him banned, please speak up.

I’m not strongly against it, but not for it either. I suppose time will show, but his behavior last time was inexcusable. Go ahead, but if I am ever online and see him, I will most likely be checking on him and watching how he treats others.

no probs with this

I think this has drifted around and been seen enough.

Homer455 will be given one more chance. He will be on a sort of parole from his ban sentence. If he fucks up, parole will be revoked, and its back to the pit. (Just to add we can put him on the blacklist -Wairoa)

Unbanned. Locked.