Homer455 - Ban Appeal

Name: Homer455

Date of ban: 2013/04/22

Staff who banned you: Shadowmeire628

Reason of ban: Griefing

Reason for unban: PCB was my life, I have been trying to find other servers like this, but have failed. I love PCB, but what I have done to the server is wrong. I will stop. Without PCB I am… no one… really, the only people I know are on PCB, and I really don’t talk anymore since the day of my ban. PCB is my favorite server, even when I have been banned. I have a feeling I wont be unbanned, but I am just trying to get back on the server since I have learnt my lesson from griefing.

Banned once by me formally, banned once by shadow formally, banned several times by brodur informally.

Each time with the promise of a ‘lesson learn t’? It seems not really as it keeps happening. Shadow seems quite adamant that you should stay banned and with the evidence shown I agree with him, I like ‘second chances’ and giving people the opportunity to prove themselves. But what I dont like is when people take that opportunity and waste it again and again.

However you seem persistent to to have another chance, maybe people would agree to a last chance state? If you were unbanned with the promise of no more issues or grief with the notion that one more mistake would cause a perm-ban that could not be revoked under any circumstance.

What say ye all?


Wasnt the decision no on his last ban appeal?

It was, and this is why: We all love this server. It is the second life for many of us, myself include. This is where we go to get away from people who constantly annoy the hell out of us, persecute us, and would otherwise abandon us altogether in the real world.

This small community of people is like, to me anyways, a family. The reason you were banned, is because you were a continuous nuisance. I banned you for 24 hours for griefing in Middleburry AGAIN, and then within 8 hours of your unban, i found a grief in the market, and a grief made the same day in Creative in the form of Lava, yeah it was the little stuff, but your making me work twice as hard as i should have to, if you would mind you Ps and Qs.

The thing that struck me the most was you reasoning was 'you were bored."

NOW with that being said. I would like to think, that with him spent some time on other servers, maybe he really has learned his lesson this time, and this is my proposition. He can come back, but he will be rolledback ALL THE WAY so he is starting from scratch.

How does this sound to other members?

here we are repeating the same process over and over again.

Well… rolling me back sounds fair >.<

This would be his last chance, Yomi. If he messes up again, I’ll personally ipban Homer, and ban him from the forum as well. Once again though, I wanna hear from other staff about this decision.

This would be his last chance, Yomi. If he messes up again, I'll personally ipban Homer, and ban him from the forum as well. Once again though, I wanna hear from other staff about this decision.

o_O Plez, no… I b good guy nao.

I’m in favor of his un-ban and last chance. If Homer griefs or such within hours of being un-banned (like last time), then problem solved.

I want to know why he griefed before in the first place. “Because i was bored” is no excuse like shadow said.

This is unusually generous from the staff here. If the decision is made to unban you, do not screw it up.

I am personally in favor of the unban, and i think that the proposed death sentence if he slips up is fair. I’m with charks.

Thats good enough for me, I’m heading home from a job interview now, I’ll unban Homer when I get home, after I fully roll him back.

Locked, unless more needs to be said.

Summary execution and banning it is.

Summary is, hang man’s noose is around his neck, my hand it’s on the handle. We just gotta see if he twitches the wrong way.
He has been unbanned, and rolledback.

Just remember, this is your last chance mate.

Homer I recommend you stay on your BEST behavior considering that you were temp banned around 4 times in a month and also normally banned a few times. Considering that you constantly do Random PVP’s and Randomly Killing People’s Animals plus the Random Griefs we find, Stay in your own build and try not to do anything harmful.

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