Homer455 - 16th of August, 2013


Minecraft Username Homer455

Date of Ban 16th of August, 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Ferrari5746

Reason for Ban Stealing Stuff from Yorba

Reason to be Unbanned Well, Yes I did break the bookshelves, but I only broke 2 or 3, and replaced them, and now I am being accused of breaking glass, which I did not. the only thing was the bookshelves.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
[ !! ] Do not edit this post or the formatting will break.

Well, you may hace broken glass, you may have not; Ill just put that aside. However it was most bookselves (8-10), and they were not replaced, I had to roll you back to do that.

Why did you even grief in the first place? Shadow gave you a big chance to play in the community last time.

Some were replaced because I did not get enough resources to replace them all

You’re contradicting yourself now. You originally said you broke 2-3 and replaced them all, when in fact you broke more but only replaced 2-3 of them. You still haven’t explained why you thought it would be fine to do it in the first place.

I wanna know why you couldn’t just ask first, our if you had the supplies make your own homer =/
Or hell, find the end fortress and loot the library there…

Since I never made any type of agreements with Homer about greifing, Ill leave it to shadow to do what he thinks is best.

Homer we know you can post. we just want an explanation. You have 2 days, then im locking this if nothing is heard and we go straight to the original dealeo…

Im trying to be nice here.

ATM im on Vacation. you have until 2 days from now to post a reason… im trying to not work while im away

Well, do you wonder why I never came on for like 3 months? Well my computer was broken. On the day of this grief I had just gotten my computer. And I wasn’t really thinking because It was like 10 or 2 AM, But I wanted a level 1 enchantment and I totally forgot that I could instead of breaking the bookshelves, break the enchant table and replace it when I was done.

How about not breaking anything and just Make it yourself or ASK Ferrari first before you go to take anything from him or his town.

I see what he means. He wasn’t taking it, he was talking about breaking the enchanting table to move it away from bookshelves to lower the enchant level.

However, correct he could have asked ferrari or even told someone he broke the bookshelves and didn’t have enough to replace them. A simple apology like that in game would have been enough.

Ideally I would leave it up to whoever owns Yorba but I have no idea who that is. Perhaps we should unban, but expect an apology to the owner and Homer will work towards replacing the bookshelves (even if they have been replaced, he can pay back whoever replaced them.)

Ferrari Owns Yorba, and Shadow is making the desicion

I’m the owner of Yorba :stuck_out_tongue: and I replaced the bookshelves with a rollback. I don’t have an opinion on Homer being unbanned or remaining banned, since I don’t know the agreement he had with shadow; nor how strict the agreement was. Again, I’ll leave it to shadow to unban him or keep him banned.


I wanna be nice, but I made a promise last time you were banned… goodness what a pickle I’m in.

Ok. Temp ban for 2 days until I get home from vacation.

That seems fair, all previous incidents considered.