I haven’t been/seen PCB in like 6 months! I kinda lost my interest in minecraft all together but I like PCB so Ill just stay on the forums. :smiley:

Anyone remember me???

Yes, but kinda sad you were gone without a goodbye. Glad your visiting anyway though. Hopefully, you will see something we are doing and join in.

Welcome back

Good to see you back :slight_smile:

No I dont, but welcome back all the same :wink:

Join the smp monthly competitions to get you back into minecraft!

I REMEMBERZ YOU :smiley: everyone is coming back :smiley:

Yeah I remember :slight_smile: Hello again

I remember! HAI :smiley:

I remember as well, and welcome back!

Lol Salmon Street got pwnt

Thank you all who greeted me back! I also remember a good number of you! :smiley:

isn’t this the second time you’ve been back? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol no but it sure feels like it :3