Holy fuck

It’s fucking Thanksgiving break and I have a week off and videogames are starting to annoy me, what do I do help

Watch a walrus do a backflip.

Watch a back do a walrusflip.

A watch flip do back walrus

Watch a flip do a walrusback

Go home, you’re drunk.

Netflix marathon?


Flip a do walrus watch

Let’s stick to the non-alchoholic apple-cranberry cider this Thanksgiving, guys. It’ll help, I promise.

Go outside, nerd, jeez louise


Have you EVER considered instead of playing video games, let the video games play you? hmmmmm?

Bullshit. No one can be bored by video games. :3

I remember when I was as young and naive as you. ;_;

I miss those days.

A walrus doing sit ups is way better than a walrus doing back flips!

Go the fuck outside. All of you. Including you, me.

guys i think we need to get a life… or at least me :’(

I have a life … temporarily

Don’t tell me what to do ,bish :stuck_out_tongue: