Quick post to let people know that I’ll be absent from the server and forums for about a week as of tomorrow. I’m going on holiday with family, and won’t be back until next Saturday. I also highly doubt there will be wifi xD So yeah, I already told some people on the server, but thought I should make a post anyway.

See you in a weeks time, and noone do anything stupid while I’m gone ok? :wink: For example, filling my house with pressure plates (whubilly), or going all mission impossible and breaking in through the roof windows (vai).
Ahem, yeah, bye for now!

Have a nice trip Lima

LOL xD Hope you have fun on your trip :slight_smile: Don’t do anything stupid while you’re gone k? :wink: Come back in one piece. :smiley: We will all be awaiting your return. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where are you going lime?

Liam, no tnt? :smiley:

Anyway have a good time.


Actually, prank if you want. I’m interested xD
Going to Cornwall, Shitweatherwoo. Nowhere fancy this summer, because already arranged to go skiing over new year :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t probably do anything unless I backdate to 1.2.5 anyway

good god, the temptation though Whu!

Perhaps i can have Sipp put a Ghast and blaze spawner in your house…

with pressure plate machine gun arrow traps, and tnt in the floor =3

I’ll be home tomorrow, but might not be on until Sunday. Use the time
Wisely :wink:

LOL someone please post some pics of the pranks and traps and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: Also maybe what Liam says when he comes inside his house :wink:


Might be on in a bit because I’m already bored. :smiley: