It’s been absolutely wild to see some of the stuff you guys are making for your maps!

I’m coming to you today with a couple big updates for the Holiday Expo
They’re big changes so let’s get straight into them,

Since we’ve gotten so many submissions this year we’ve decided that instead of picking the top 3 maps we’re gonna be picking the top 5 maps for you guys to vote on. Instead of one map being added, the top 3 maps that you guys vote on are gonna be added to the Arcade.

The second change is starting today, all the way up to the end of the Expo I’m gonna open up the Kits and the Expo Maps to be tested.

Regardless of how far you’ve gotten into making your map starting today, you’ll be able to grab a kit from the warp island, switch into survival, fly to your map and actually play on and test your PvP maps with people on the server.

Testing your map isn’t required but we as the judges will be testing your maps after the expo ends to pick the top 5 so I highly recommend you play through your map at least once to find any issues or think of other fun things to add.

Have fun building!