holiday!!! :D

me is going on holiday for 2 1/2 weeks today to the south of france. I’ll be missing y’all, but should be able to get access to forums, minechat and the like. Anyways, I know I’ll be having fun, idk about you lot :stuck_out_tongue:



Have a lovely holiday, dord! :slight_smile:

Have funsies!



bye dord have a good vacation!

He said y’all!! I have turned him into my little minion! XD

[size=12pt]Have a Awesome holiday dord, France is amazing right now! We will all miss you :3

Have fun there Dord! Hope you have a good time!

At grandparents house so wifi for a night! I’ve been sayin y’all for a little while now koala :stuck_out_tongue: , also, is the south of France not always amazing pen? cos I think so :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again everbody