Hogwarts 2.0

So, as some of you may know, in the last map, a group of people decided to build Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter film/book series. The group was lead by Hywel, and the (semi)-finished project was a sight to behold.

We’re doing it again…

Bigger, better…

And we need space… So the new group, @hywel , @Vexnorz , @Penguina , and I have decided to ask our senior staff members if we could continue building it in either Big City, or Dev. The other choice was another world, but that costs money, and is way too much work :). So we put it to you, various SOPs and Admins, where can our little project be continued?

Also for those of you who want a better explanation, and less drama:
We started work at -10139 65 -9197, and the plans have revealed that we wont have enough height to fully complete Hogwarts, and it would also be better for both us and @sfgRaven , to move away from his base.


But seriously, this would really help, as we don’t won’t to inpede on other’s builds. Also, aside from that, if we could have it in a place in which we could have the height we want then it can become a cool thing for other members of the community to view/enjoy!

yeh if only height limit didn’t exist…

Although it’s a pain in the arse to have to build it in a different map, I reckon it’ll be worth it. A build like Hogwarts is the sort of thing which pulls in new players and so it’s definitely worth considering.

avada kedavra

You can use Dev for it :slight_smile:

Just don’t build it anywhere near the map bank (and nowhere east of it pls)

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