Hobbit hole

Me and gooby want to build a town but it is themed after little people, hobbits, fairies, dwarves, and gnomes. And some of those live underground, hobbits for example and dwarves also.

So could we get some sort of building permit to have a town where some of the houses are underground like hobbit holes? Because if you go and look at the Shire in any Lord of the rings movie they all live in holes in the ground. Also dwarf halls and storage places are underground so if we really were a little people 50% of population would live underground. Anyway I mean people be as realistic have as hobbits dwarves gnomes and fairies can be.

PS. I say hobbit or Lord of the rings movie because the books had no pictures not because they were more accurate. I mean if the books had pictures I would definitely quote them

You don’t need a permit to build a town.

Go ahead and build. We used to have a hobbit town… or is it still there?

it was tried last map by some people

Gah! Me and Timmy have actually been planing to build some Hobbit holes in our soon-to-be-opened Town :stuck_out_tongue: We even had a section and everything. Looks like you beat us to it.