HMStith -


Minecraft Username HMStith

Date of Ban
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by

Reason for Ban My brother (Username: PrestonIsAwesome, fmr. PrestonStith) thought that this castle was abandoned and so he originally started griefing it to build a road in a prebuilt city by another person.

Reason to be Unbanned 1. It was not my fault
2. Other people in my family want to get on
3. I will be respectful to this server
4. I will check with the owner before destroying

[ Ban History ] 2 other ban appeals found
29th of September, 2015

29th of September, 2015

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Banned by @koalamama on Sept. 29th of last year.

The ban reason she put in was “Grief in Portland- Creative”

Ok so how often is Koala actually on anymore? will she be able to see this?

And its been like 6 months? Shall we give a second chance and keep a watchful eye untill to make sure?

Koala’s around, but I guess she’s busy with high school. Since it’s been a while, an unban on thin ice sounds within reason.

as the victim of this grief, i can say that i think 6 months has been enough, as you did not know that the castle was abandoned, you could have asked one of the city members, or read the rules at the warp that clearly say ( DO NIT GRIEF ) however, you seem quite apologetic, and i think it’s time for you to come back, just remember to ask before building, and read the rules and forums more often,but in the end its up to @koalamama

sweetness, then unban him.