Hmod Or Bukkit?

What should we run on?

i think im right to say that hmod is not being developed anymore? and that bukkit has taken it on? not too sure but if im wrong, then ignore me =]

You’re right. Bukkit is the successor and will be the primary program to use for Survival Multiplayer. Hmod will no longer receive any updates for Minecraft.

Edit: Straight from the Bukkit website:

Once again:
We will try and update hMod (at least this time), but we offer ABSOLUTELY NO promises that we’ll be able to do it as a lot has changed and we are no longer as familiar with the project as we once were.

We’ve tried fixing hMod but had little to no luck. It’s way too messy to work on and too much has changed in the last few Minecraft updates.

Sorry guys, but we tried . We kept running into issues and have been at it all day. It’s time we call it quits and focus on Bukkit instead…

and Btw We Should use Hey0s Or at least give the ranks some color

Hey0’s is the same as Hmod.


Hey0s Made Hmod And Bukkit. But Bukkit is well. Derp

so in other words, Bukkit is the successor to all.