Hiya, im Ymb

Well, it seems that ive missed out on a lot of things in the past month of me being gone… Not sure if any of you guys noticed haha, buttt i think im back now. Not sure if i left in the first place but yeah, got a new computer and stuff… So what i miss?!

Erm. Lets see new server. Combined with different worlds. New cmp same smp map. People got promoted yea!
good to hear your back, even if you never left xD


Cool, hope to see you on now. :smiley: Since I kinda worked myself outa my job for a month or so, I should be on more often. Depending on if I work on my other side projects a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who are you?

Joking <3


Shadow noticed you were gone mate, it was less colorful with you not around haha, oh and btw, we are the same rank now! =D

Welcome back, :stuck_out_tongue: not sure if we’ve been acquainted. So err, HI.
also shad ya sig’s updated on my sig thred

I haz more posts than YMB nao :smiley:

Youve always had more posts then me silly :wink:

I noticed you were gone ymb :smiley: It hasn’t been the same :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve built some CRAZY, and creative has been very busy. I LOVE YOU, MAN! WELCOME BACK!

i noticed mate, its updated in my sig also ahaha