This might be too late to say this but i never introduced me to you properly! my name is andy and i have a great time playing on this server. I am 19 years old and i love music and minecraft! ive played piano and clairnet and one of my hobbies are playing on this server! I might be getting minecraft around june. i asked a freind. so I MIGHT SEE YA ALL ON SMP/CMP HUZAHHH!

Nice to meet you again. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope to see you on smp/cmp soon. :smiley:

Welcome to the forums! (Better late than never :stuck_out_tongue: )

From one piano player to another, I welcome you! :slight_smile:

Well welcome! Hopefully you get minecraft so you can play smp/cmp :smiley:

hope to see yah soon on smp. do you build for ranks like classic??

Nope, our ranks go Member->Trusted->Moderator->OP->SOP->Admin. In which trusted it obtained from well, being trusted. Staff ranks are self explanatory

Welcome to the PCB Forums!

ive been here for a while kedji. maybe say somthing like: Welcome to the fourms. shouldve done it early you lazy idiot. ;D

I dont think i have meet you.
but welcome back. hope to meet you some day on the server’s :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome :smiley:

guys im not going to smp :frowning: BOOO HOOOO my fucking “freind” lied to me…

I would say “epic sad day” but i was the mastermind behind this entire ploy to stop you from joining the smp server Muhahahahahaaha… Now back to mai dirty work in the treetop market…

Erk… Did I say that out loud?

I meant thats too bad sorry to see that Andy…

And welcome to the forums

HOW DARE YOU SHADOW! I shouldve known YOU were the ONE who lied to ME!!! >:( You evil little dark Oni mod!!


I’m not little…

LOL 8)

Ooo, now there’s double the number of Andys on this website :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the community!

you just noticed? -_- you might wanna be more active on forums :stuck_out_tongue:


well in his defence. Andy and Specail actually have lives and can’t be on the forum all the time. This is why he has his staff of Mods Ops SOPs and Kyle on here .