From hince forth, i am now a legal hitman. I charge $100 dollars per kill but their must be a legitimate reason for calling a hit. My only rule is who ever calls the hit shall be responcible for helping the person recieve the items dropped upon death (if any)

Not the best idea young Niko… xD

Niko every good hitman needs a badass partner.

Ha ha. Well, your not a very good hitman if you reveal information about your employer. The problem is, you would be responsible for the complaints users have against you. Anyone who hires you is at risk for punishments and you take the greatest risk.

It can be good fun, just be careful.

Yeah I think if I wanted to call it hit on someone I wouldn’t really want to be responsible

Niko I think that we should shoulder the blame for the kill but not reveal the clients information. We must be respectable assassins… 8)

lol courage what are you talking about? your not apart of this, im on my own

Like I said before a lone assassin is a dead assassin you need a badass partner man who has your back. 8)

Oh my goodness when you told me and like 5 other people that one of us was a target I was so scared! and then all of the sudden
[size=36pt][glow=red,2,300]YOU DIED[/glow]

i don’t think hitmen are a good idea for such a friendly server.

just stay out of trouble.


Pfft. I’ve been doing this since… forever. More or less. Assassin is my thing, Hitman is Namillo’s thing. We just keep a low profile :wink:

That post is the most low-profile cover ever.

Or is it? You see, that’s the beauty of it Ka…

Don’t worry. You will grow to understand. In time.


Okay yeah I’ve had one hours sleep over the last 2 days. 16 hours worth of Marvel films marathon before the latest Captain America film. Halp.

Anyhoo, good luck with the hitman business and all that. If you need any help with a situation/case/hit just let me know. :wink:

Ill hire you… To kill me. Good luck.

/kill namillo ehheuheuheuheuheuheuhehue