I’ve been inactive for a while. However.

Just before I went inactive Wolfie was asking if I could have highpoint moved as it was in the way of his town.
At the time I was against the idea so it didn’t happen, but now that I’ve been gone so long I feel like it would benefit both of us to move highpoint out of that area, firstly so that Wolfie can expand his town there, and secondly so I can expand highpoint outside that area.

It is quite a big w/e job, however, it could be achieved in sections.
Also, the warp would have to be moved.

Furthermore I Only Need The Bit Inside The Tear Shape. Not The Houses At the Back, The Gardens, Or The Warp Area.

If it were to be moved I would hope for it to be moved to a snow biome away from any other towns so that I can terraform and expand it without interfering with anyone else.
I would build a border around it so that people didn’t build too near it also.

Thanks for understanding,

moved by theoctopus and assisted by busterlef

Glad to be of help Panda