HiDefAmp: 5/1/2011

Minecraft Username: HiDefAmp
Approximate Date of Ban: 5/1/2011
OP Who Banned You:

Reason for Ban: No reason given.
Reason for Unban: I first entered the server yesterday when the AVO fanboys were spamming the chat. I left and returned a few hours later when they had left and set about to building a tower with a mine system beneath it. The tower can be found at the coordinates (-2460, -1520).

Several admins/mods checked up on me several times during the course of building. I can’t recall names but one of them had a custom skin resembling “My Little Pony”. I left the server at approximately 2:00AM. At noon today, I tried to log back in but found that I was banned. I do not know why I was banned.

The pony would be fireknife xD
Your ban will be addressed when the op who banned you posts more evidence, or says it was a mistake/precaution and unbans you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I can assure you that I did not ban you.

(waiting for other OPs to speak up.)

It was not I.

It was not me, I have never seen you online.

Was not me. I do recall seeing you online but I most certainly do not ban without strong evidence. I believe it may have been hard24get as we were under attack again at the time.

So since no one has come forward with any reason for banning me, can I be unbanned now?

It can assure you my good man, that it was not I who banned you from the server.

Never seen you on the server…

I was only on the server for about five hours before I logged off and got banned.

As per our policy, no one has come forward with claiming responsibility or a reason.

Account has been unbanned. Sorry for the delay!