My names jimmy

One day i was chillin up in heaven and god was like
“ay pass the blunt”
so i did and den he said, “you should sign up for that project city build server my dude”
and i wuz like “pass da blunt”
and den jesus was like “u wont do it m8”
i was liek “shuddup j-boy u got noscoped”
he said “dayum jim u a fuckin savage, gg”





Wow that was a thing but welcome to our server nevertheless

Hi m8. Don’t b8 and we wont h8.

Dem IPs tho.

We at school


So, this is the famous Jimmy…

I guess so…

im famous? hot damn diggity 8)

well you most mlg quick scoper of 2069

all i have to say, GG, its nice 2 have another quick scoper

I don’t think I know enough about either of you to make an informed decision, but I’m thinking gggeeee 2.0 here.

0.0 (BUM BUM!)

sorry for being late.