hello! my user is Ghostinmachine7. i’ve been on PCB for almost 7-8 months now, and i’m mainly a builder. ^^

i’m the mayor of Akihabara with RoboticRampage. if you want help, don’t hesitate to ask!

Wait. Akihabara. Is it actually modeled after Akihabara in real life? If so, I’ve been there, so I can help :wink:

After doing research, I can now see why you chose this name.

i’m loosely modelling some parts after the town from the Log Horizon Anime. though i would like to see what ideas you have ^^


Basically, Akihabara is the nerd part of Tokyo :smiley: It’s got everything from manga libraries to anime conventions to trading card and cosplay stores and more. As you can imagine, it’s also one of the brightest parts of Tokyo. For a good look at the lights, search Electric Town Akihabara up on Google. It’s quite an amazing place.


Sweet! would you like to build in Akihabara? i know several areas where you could build modern.

Fuck Yeah Log Horizon. Including any specific references?
Otherwise, good luck with your town.

Sure! Just tell me how to get there! Not sure if it has a warp yet or not.

I have one house currently for sale on the island. $100 or best offer.

nothing specific (wrong type of terrain) but i have an apartment building based on the LH guild building.

no warp yet, you’ll have to catch me when i’m on.

Hey dude, you wont see much of me on the server as of now. This is mainly due to the fact that I am a senior in college and super busy with applying to colleges and scholarships. Though I will be on the forums a lot commenting here and there so I hope to see you in game when I get on :stuck_out_tongue: