Hello everybody! I’m new to this server.
I’m 18 and live in Switzerland, I have made some “architecture” experience in other little servers, but now I’d like to join a big community like this!

Hope to see you all online :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to PCB!

Welcome to PCB! Before you get on I must warn you: Once you join us you never leave. It’s sorta like the Hotel California, but in Minecraft. Can’t wait to see you on the server!

That sounds fantastic ;D
Now, my new goal is to be part of the building team in Metropolis, so I’ll make some builds in creative to be admitted :stuck_out_tongue:

See you!

Ah I am glad you want to be part of Metropolis! I speak on behalf of the metropolis government when I say you will be welcomed with open arms! Anyway welcome to the sever and I hope you build some great builds!

Welcome !
You seem like a great player who will be a nice addition to our community. Looking forward to seeing you online and seeing your builds. Have fun :smiley:

Welcome to PCB! I’m actually in Switzerland for vacation right now, but I’m leaving today :(. I love it there! Anyways, have fun on PCB, I’ll see you around.


Welcome to the community, you will find all sorts here! Enjoy yourself, and I hope to see you online soon!