I joined after Cristmas and its an Amazing Server so far. Thanks and im voting everyday for this server because i dont know if ive been on a better server. Thanks For Reading This Post.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome, and i hope you have a great stay here :smiley:

Welcome! ^-^

Glad to hear you enjoy this server!

Welcome to the forums! It’s good to hear that you enjoy the server! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome. Glad you like it here! :slight_smile:

Welcome to PCB! Bienvenue a PCB! Bienvenido a PCB!

Glad to see you voting, every little bit helps!

Welcome! Glad to see you had no trouble signing up.

Thank you for joining the server and thank you in advance for all the great things you will achieve on here.

Oh and thanks for voting!

So glad you are liking this server and yes it is the best around

See, this one is more recent. Posting here is not raising the dead.