I’m Ollsbols. New to multiplayer Minecraft and looking forward to getting stuck in. I have taken a tour of the city. Really amazing and just what I am after and I can’t wait to add some work of my own (I hope its up to scratch).

Need to get to grips with warps and other things that are different in this world but it should not take long.


Welcome! Hope you will enjoy your stay!

Hey !
Welcome to the community <3

Welcome to PCB! I hope you’ll enjoy our community! If you need help, feel free to ask!

-Yoshio :slight_smile:



Hello and Welcome~

Hey guys. Thanks for the welcome. I am stuck because I am not sure where I am allow to start to build. I keep getting a message that I don’t have permission. Happy to read up if I have missed some instructions somewhere.

If this is in the creative server, all you need to do is fly out far enough and a message will pop up saying you can build. If not, you may have a problem (note: if this is in bigcity, warp to testcity to contribute to it)

Welcomez, enjoyuth your stayuth!

Thanks Saintnizair.

Welcome to PCB! this is the server I started on 2. have fun!

P.S sorry about the late post