Hi Neebie here... Need to know how to earn my credits!!

Hi how Project City will recognize my account in minecraft to earn my ranks and credits??

Earning credits on registering is currently broken, and we will fix it in the coming revamp of the server. Currently the way to earn money is to vote for the server on mcserverlist.


You can earn $100 every time you vote (every 24hrs) and the money will be credited to your account. It may take about 5-10 minutes for the money to come through, but if you are on the server it will display a message when the money arrives.

How i could i come up not as a guest while playing?? do i need to register here with the same username as my minecraft??

BTW Thanks for the answer

Yes your username on Minecraft and on here must be the same. It may take a while (until the next server restart I believe) but it should work once you change your name.

Actually the server checks it every time you login, so the only way you wouldn’t see the changes instantly is if you were logged into the server as they were being made.