Hi I'm Andres!

Hi my name is ItzAndre and i was on PCB since 2015 well i was AndresN2015 and Andres_12 and now im ItzAndre but it doesn’t matter i came here for building cities and share with the ppl of PCB like whb, Claudia, Britek and Vex this ppl i help them to build i was very happy to been here! :smiley:

kool ;D

Glad to hear you enjoy playing with us all on PCB
Long may you stay

I hope you have a lovely and long stay here on PCB. It’s been wonderful playing with you!

~Claudia ;D <3

Hope you have a great time here at Project City Build! ;D

Feel free to contact me (or any of us for that matter) in-game or PM!

Thanks Guys! It Means so much for me! :smiley:

It’s a little late but welcome back!