Hi I am back!!!

I am back to the forums I had a long winter vacation due to the huge winter storm. But nevertheless I am back. So I hope that I will see you guys on the forums and on the server. ;D

I also think that this would be an opportune time to let you guys get to know me better.

IRL Name: Brayden

Aged 17 years

Things I like: Youtube(RoosterTeeth), Anime(Naruto), Videogames(Minecraft&GTAOnline)

Things I hate : School(Homework…it is such a drag.), Arrogant People(Just if they are being snot nosed acting entitled to whatever they want)

Friends: I can’t really think of any

Dream: To work at RoosterTeeth ( I know that it is virtually impossible but that is why they call them dreams.)

Motto: Don’t really have one.

Job/Status: Junior at High School

Where I am Located IRL: Angola, Indiana U.S.A (Feel free to look it up.)

Relationship Status: Never had one, and probably won’t until I am out of high school. (Not for lack of trying.) :frowning:

Traits: Quick tempered, resourceful, Strong willed, short attention span, and defensive of people I care about.

That about sums it up so I hope to see you on the server and forums. :wink:

Welcome back :slight_smile:

good to see you back mate

I try to impress