Hi guys

Im here and i have joined PCB!

Hello! Who are you may I ask? (Did you come from classic of did you just join?)

I made a new MC account

may i ask why he is Trusted Rank already? ???

Because i needed to make a new account and my other one was trusted…But now its deleted. So i got my Trusted rank back

What was your other account?

It was The_Punter1290. Its gone now. Why are you asking all these questions though? I was given ‘Trusted’ by an OP…

just morbid curiosity i suppose XD ::slight_smile:

i was just wondering what your other account was. I trusted that your trusted rank was done by someone trusted enough to be trusted with that power to make you trusted. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought I recognised the name of your other account. You were one of the people involved with the attack a while back, and deleting my forum account. You were banned because of that, and will remain banned on any alt you may have.

Liam you have to believe i was hacked…honestly i have no clue how to hack

Read above. ^ Hard reminded me about you. I don’t know if it was you who did the hacking, but you were involved, my forum account got deleted as someone gained access to kyles account, made themselves admin, and boom.

I know what happened. Vaiovista (my friend from school) told me that i was banned for being involved in a hack and i had no idea how it had happened - I swear on my life that I was not the person hacking PCB.

This will be discussed, you will remain banned for now however until a final verdict has been made. If you genuinely weren’t involved I am sorry for the inconvenience, but we have to be sure.

OK. Thank you for your time. I have made a post in appeal a ban. Hopefully i should be un banned :smiley:

Also I’m just going to point out that you never were trusted you donated.

Well…I thought i was trusted but o’ well…Anyway i have obviously been Trusted for a reason?

It was most likely because you said you were trusted on your other account before saying what your other accounts name was.

Um no. I was trusted before i even made the post saying i was trusted on my other account.

Locking this thread. It’s continuing in his unban thread.