K, now I know I've been on the server for a while, but I never saw this. I'll fill this out now.

Full Name: Benjamin D. Williams

State: Texas

Fav Color:[glow=orange,2,300] ORANGE [/glow] ;D

Fav Video game (Besides MC): Pokemon. Gen 3 is my favorite of all of them.

Fav Anime/TV Show: Acchi Kocchi, Pokemon, Gravity falls, Regular Show, Adventure time, Invader zim, etc. (Note: All Japanese shows listed are watched in Japanese)

Fav Console: PS3 FTW! Also Wii U.

Fav Handheld: Nintendo DSi

Phone: Samsung/Google Galaxy Nexus (I actually have it)\

Age: …I plead the fifth.

Gender: Male

Computers, modern architecture, KNOWLEDGE, etc.

Eh welcome i guess… XD

Modern Architecture!!!

High five! * accidentally stabs*

Nice to see someone else interested in modern! Have you built any in Minecraft?

Goof, lots of us are interested in modern architecture xD I am too :stuck_out_tongue:

I am, but I find skyscrapers pretty boring to build due to the repetitiveness of them. I much prefer building old style stuff.

We have an Invader Zim fan, nice! Have you had the chance to read the other work’s of jhonen vasquez? In particular one of my favorite forms of insanity, Jonny The Homicidal Maniac?

I managed to find some scans of the old comic online. These came out long before Zim but you will recognize a few things in both. If you get to it, seeing JTHM go to heaven and hell was awesome.


Aw right on! I LOVE invader zim. I like Gir and the little pig. :slight_smile: +1 to all who mention Invader Zim! Oh and, welcome to the forums! :smiley:

This thread has become quite derailed aha. WELCOME! Even though you’re already here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to watch Invader Zim all the time, when it was actually a new programme and stuff :smiley:

Wow, never thought to check back on here. Anway, because I was born in the New Century (2000), I only saw Invader Zim via dvds and reruns. I do still love the show, and watch Soapy Waffles unaired episodes every once and a while. (For those who do not know, Soapy Waffles takes scripts from unaired episodes and animates/voices them)

By the way, I use Ubuntu most of the time to visit here, my only non Ubuntu runs Windows 7.