Hi guys, i just joined this server
Hope to have fun here :smiley:

Welcome to PCB!

Another liam? And here I thought that name was really rare. Wait! Could he be related? :slight_smile:

Either way, welcome!

Welcome - hope you have a great time here!

I thought that too, then there are at least another 2 I know in uni, then another 3 from my old school…


Welcome to PCB! I hope you have a wonderful time here! :slight_smile:

So now we have 2 liams and 2 andys o.O


Welcome to PCB!

Yes the names can get confusing but welcome Liam had good chat with you on your first day do hope youhave a long association with PCB and a great time/

I wonder if this liam humps sheep =P

Welcome to PCB, home of the Crazies

While you’re mocking Wales, keep in mind that our flag is waaaaay better than yours.

Yeah, well, does yours have FREEDOM?

Large Picture[details=“Spoiler”][/details]

Welcome to PCB Liam2! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ours has a maple leaf. 'nuff said.

Mine is blue… very blue.

…and this has quickly turned into a flag pride thread. Just another day in PCB.

Welcome to the world of PCB.
user presses A
This is known as a forum
User presses A
We live side by side with these creatures day in and day out
User presses A
Narrator gets banned

You know the saying “cool story bro, needs more dragons n shit.” ? WELL MY FLAG HAS MORE DRAGONS N SHIT.

But yeah, welcome, this is what happens here.

Let’s say you had 1 minute to draw your flag or some evil person would kill you, good luck with that ;D

That would just be silly. I could do a rough sketch anyway. Now let us stop hijacking this thread…