For some reaon I never go on the website(dont ask me why. So will you guys show me how to do stuff. Also when you guys post and comment on stuff you have this cool banner thing which says your name and a cool pic or slmething so will someone tell me how to dl those?

for the banner signature thing I would recommend reading this post:


And you can edit your profile by clicking ur name at the bottom and going to modify profile. Hope that helps


Ok so now how do i change my signature to that? And also next to my name it says Dirt Miner but next to yours it says Gravel Miner so can you explain that system to me. IM SO CONFUZZLED.

There I eventually got there, I myself don’t know what the miner thing is based on but you can’t change it manually. I hope you like your banner…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Twan your the best! The signature is so cool! I like how you did the nether in the background because my name is firey. But not sure wether to change She wishes she had a life… to Eat Sleep Mine Repeat What do u think?

I think it works better, no worries :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! I love the font. Alsl how do u get the little avatar things at the side like u hav the French guy?

Go to your profile, and then go Modify Forum Profile and the photo is under the avatar section at the top. You can add little messages as well there.

Miner’s based on how much you’ve posted.

Mine is basic (like I am)

gg me

Thanks so much guys :slight_smile: But erm hoe do you go to your profile?

Oh its fine i managed to work it out but anyways twan should u change Eat Sleep Mine Repeat to either Mayor of New Silvermoor? What do u think?

Hey Magma,
Instead of posting twice which can lead to involuntary spam or clutter on a thread sometimes. You can simply modify an original post.

You can do something like this:

Oh how do I do so so?
“Oh! Nevermind I figured it out ;)”

You a basic bitch. #AllTeaAllShade

Go eat some vegemite or watch Nemo or something. :wink:

Omg where is the sun at? I only see shade… gg

I understand none of this. Does this mean I’m old, now?

From RuPaul’s Drag Race Dictionary:

Tea (or T)
Tea - n. A back-formation from the letter T for “truth”; refers to gossip, news, information or true facts. i.e. “What’s the tea?”

All Tea, All Shade - A phrase basically referring to the fact that you do not care if the statement is offensive or not. (coined by Coco Montrese, Season 5).

No Tea, No Shade - A phrase meaning “No disrespect”.

What’s the Tea? - RuPaul and Michelle Visage’s weekly podcast

[size=10pt]So in summary, ‘T’ or ‘Tea’ is Gossip and ‘Shade’ is disrespect. :slight_smile:

Thank David! You people r so helpful.

EDIT: Ok i know im posting twice but this will be the last time so how do u edit a post like how u said david?

On your previous post click modify and add your message then. Ill change ur forum banner now.