Hey :)

Okay so I was casually going through the hello world forum and got to the end before I realised…I’ve actually been apart of the forums long enough for there to be no hello from me :frowning:
So in the end I decided to re-introduce myself for those who don’t know me and bad luck if your already unlucky enough to know me :stuck_out_tongue:

So My Name’s Emma, (that’s where the Em in my player name comes from)
I’m a 17 year old girl :o I first joined the server through classic about 4 years but have only been playing the survival server for about 7 months. When I’m online I’m either just there to talk (one of my favourite past times), Building my town or making armour and weapons so one day I can beat CK in a dueal (not gonna happen anytime soon).

If you see me on you can talk to me, I promise I’m quite sane ( I think) and I won’t bite. Feel free to ask for help also because I love to help people as well :slight_smile: (free of charge that’s why I’m poor but it’s worth it). Oh and come visit my town Bendura at some stage

Hope to see you guys around

lol thanks for saying hi and just wanted to say Hello ^^

Hey there, its nice to meet you :smiley: