Hey There

Hi all

im new to the whole multiplayer minecraft thing… ^^; also 123Sylvie321 asked me to join up so yeah… umm im irish… uh 22 and slightly insane… but don’t worry about that i haven’t chased anyone with a sledgehammer in months… i hope we can get along and that i can learn much from you guys

Hahaha…thats because i confiscated the damn thing :slight_smile:

Welcome! i look forward to building with you~

Cool, we always like personal invites. Welcome!


I was a personal invite, and now they won’t lemme leave =) welcome to pcb, where the insane appear docile

No we won’t. And you don’t want to either, DO YOU? holds knife against back of neck

.>; nope not really…

lol thanks for making me feel welcome ^^

I invited about 6 people. All of them are banned. XD

Don’t judge me!

So yeah…


welcome ;D
Pretty sure your type of insane doesn’t compare to some of my favourite wackys on the server.