hey slash is back

i thought i would take time to give every one a chance to calm down from me and for me to get mor online experecnce i thought now i would come back with the new 1.3.1 update and try to be a good player for your server ik yall have had problems wirth me before and i know i dont look like i should be unbanned but the last coment on my last appeal said if i gave the stuff back witch im sure nothing is gone but ill look if i get unbanned but if u let me back i will go back to work and build my little heart out i will help this server be great i will be a personal minner and farmer and anything any one need s im justy looking for a fresh start cause the server is the best server ive ever been on ive treid other serverds they are all bad compared to ur server i mean there is no comparrison and the management on your server is amazing so please listen to my offer or even care bout me i am just hoping for this start

who is this again? ???

and please try some punctuation, its hard to read with it being just one long run on sentence. i understand what your saying, but it kills my eyes to read it XD

He is XTHESLASHMANX. This was his last ban appeal http://projectcitybuild.com/forums/index.php?topic=3321.30
And the last post did not say anything about items, its just me saying your staying banned and that you’ve had enough chances.

Also, use the proper appeal please.

How did i miss his ban appeal? ??? :stuck_out_tongue: I woulda said something before if saw he was banned. He is actually my cousin and i don’t think he would do any griefing or something like that. Could he maybe get a second chance? Maybe?

There are no more chances for him. He took his second/third chance after the last ban appeal. Which he then proceeded to grief again the next day or so.

Oh… Well that sucks then. :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

me and my freind are playing the vannilla server and we have done alot on that server and i really just want to get back to all my old stuff

ik i have lost all trust i just cant ever fond a better server

ok, i don’t do this often, so i would like to do this this one time. i have been playing vanilla with xtheslashmanx on Vanilla to get an idea of who he is and how he acts,

he has been a good player on there so far, today he found me on SMP by use of the map, and had me come onto Vanilla to help fix a grief. not just a grief but a grief of another player. i changed my gamemode today and started going around trying to fix Vanilla as best i can, starting with the pyramid that Slash showed me and then moving on to Whubilly’s and Zingwoof’s builds.

i beileve that if for no other reason than that he deserves a second chance, you can say what you want on this forum, but untill you go on and play around and see how he is as i have, don’t make strong opinions right now.

I went on the vanilla server and talked to him for awhile and he does sound very sorry for causing trouble and whatnot. Since I was the one to ban him I think he should be unbanned, he deserves one last chance and he can’t use the excuse that his brother hacked him, because he’s gone for now (well that’s what slash said). So we will get to see what he really is like and see if he’d actually grief.

If anyone has anything else to say, say it now.

thanks both of u yall we always close friens with me

I believe this topic is resolved but it will remain unlocked due to my ignorance of knowing when a topic should be locked.

im still banned -__-

That’s a pretty good reason to leave the thread open. :stuck_out_tongue: I think we are just waiting for other’s input on the matter now.

It is because I was waiting to see if anyone else had anything to say and it looks like no one does, so you will be unbanned now.