hey project city!

heeeey guys I’m new heh…

my name is Dr_spaztard and I would like to introduce myself first off (This sounds really nooby XD) whats the ip I couldent find it

but anyways so yea I hope to stay here long :wink:

Our Minecraft IP Is pcbmc.co
:smiley: Welcome to the community!

Nah, not nooby. Lots of people write introductions. Including me (however mine is outdated)

WELCOME :smiley: We hope you enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

This server is really nice!!

Hello! Welcome! :smiley: :slight_smile:

Hey hey, always nice when people present themselves,


We hope you enjoying your time here.

Heyo and welcome! If you need anything, feel free to ask and we will be happy to help you! :slight_smile:




Welcome hope you enjoy PCB!

Welcome to Project City Build! My name is Brooding.