Hey guys

Hey everyone!

My name is chrispenny1995. Some background on me: I’m a 19 year old American. My interests include video games, music, roleplay, history, architecture, economics, and politics. I’m an online friend of Anjwalker’s, who I know as Kingborough. Him and I are friends from a nationstates roleplay region called Oracia, where I am known as Flo or Florinthus. So if you see us calling each other by those names, don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, King mentioned this cool place and posted a topic on our forums about it and I decided to come around. We have a few minecraft players in our community and figured we could make a city for Oracia. I’ve got a few cool ideas for our Oracian settlement.

I haven’t played Minecraft in a really long while and I’m kind if a n00b, but I have some grand ideas anyway! I’m quite impressed with what I see here, from the tiny amount I’ve seen this far, and as soon as I get my bearings and figure stuff out I plan to donate so this awesome community can continue to run!

So, anything I should know from the outset? I have some cool ideas for the Oracia settlement and would like to bounce them off of the community. Can I just do that in this topic or is there a special forum for that?

Hey, welcome!

Welcome to PCB

Danke for the welcomes

So can I post my ideas for the Oracian city here? I want to share them so other people can bounce their own ideas off of mine and maybe give tips or pointers for how we could actually make them.

I’m just wondering since there might be another forum or section more appropriate for that type of thing. Idk how strict the rules are here for misplaced topics or being off-topic

With misplaced topics, we just move them to the right place. If we had strict rules about going off topic literally everybody would be banned by now. The best place for this would be the Towns section.

What he said! ^

Anywhoot, Welcome to PCB! Looking forward to seeing you in game man

Hello! Welcome to PCB :smiley:

Welcome to pcb! If you need any help just ask me :slight_smile:

-MrSkee 8)

Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!

Yeah I would have been gone quite some time ago

well, I guess I was banned for x-raying, whatever that is. No problem though, I have other places I can play without fear of being banned without warning or provocation.

feel free to delete my topics if you want.

X-raying is where you use a mod or texture pack to see through dirt so you can see ores. It’s pretty easy to detect, for instance you randomly mine in a direction and “magically” come right through some diamond ore. Brodur is quite an experienced staffmember, so I’m sure it wasn’t without warrant.

I followed you for about 3 random twists that lead you to either gold or iron, and decided it was not a coincidence. You were banned only after I consulted the logs for your stone/ores ratio.

I really do just randomly mine… It was a coincidence. If I was really cheating, don’t you think I’d have more of the valuable stuff? If you really don’t think it was a coincidence, then I’ll just have to deal with your decision then and go play somewhere else. You could have asked me first though.

But whatever. It’s not worth arguing about. Hope you guys have fun

Dude if he asked you would you really admit that you were using an x-ray hack?

There is always the option to appeal a ban, honestly I don’t know why you haven’t yet: http://projectcitybuild.com/appeal.php