Hey guys!

Hi everyone!

My ign is Glowwing, and my name is Wade… I don’t really care if people know that or not… I just joined the server over the weekend with my sister Jessica (JesserSquirts) and we’ve been looking for a good server to play on since the last one we played closed down several months ago… We’ve both been playing minecraft for several years so we’re pretty familiar with the game just not necessarily the newest stuff from updates… but aside from that we’ve liked what we’ve found so far on the server and I thought it’d be cool to introduce myself since I want to get to know the community:)

Sidenote: I think most of the time we’ll be only found in the survival/creative worlds.

Anyway, greetings and have a nice day:]

Welcome =)

Hey! I (don’t) know you! Welcome to the server!

There is no other server out there quite like PCB. At PCB we have 3 servers. A classic server, a SMP/CMP server (survival and creative map) and a Tekkit server. We have a dynamic map also. If you want to see who is on or simply want to chat with some of the PCB members, i suggest you try that.

We are currently having issues with the server going down at random points in the day.

If you ever do experience the server being down, Head on over here and make a post saying the server is down. http://projectcitybuild.com/forums/index.php?topic=4157.msg68363#msg68363

Welcome to PCB! Bienvenue a PCB! Bueno suerte a PCB!

Hi. :smiley:

Welcome, hope you find the server as amazing as i and many others do, the quote “Come as guests, stay as family” is just PCB

Hope you get to see that as i and many others have, any problems let us know as was suggested but anything not related to that just post on fourms and one of us will find and post to help you out failing that you will see Mods/Ops/Sops floating about time to time :slight_smile:

Again Welcome to you both :slight_smile:

_ Rippor

awesome sauce. welcome to PCB. hope you enjoy your stay.

:smiley: yay! Welcome to PCB!!!
My name is prilaman. Im a girl and if y’all need any help feel free to ask anybody! Expecially me ^-^ lol i like helping people around on the server :slight_smile:
Again, welcome!!

Welcome to PCB. I hope you have a smashing good time here. Please feel free to check out some of the towns by spawn Cough Edgehaven Cough.

Welcome to the server!

I’m John, I won’t be on the survival/creative server quite as much, as im playing alot of tekkit lately.

Feel free to join us on the tekkit server aswell if you would like!

Welcome! I am JetBirdie, and I am your creative map source of AWESOMENESS! We’re always looking for help in creative, so we’ll see what you can do and you can help us!

Welcome! That was a very good introduction there. I like to see people who can write so well. Hope ya have fun!

Hey welcome to PCB,

If u need help building ask me: Yomigaere.

Hope u have Fun!

Welcome to you and hope you find this server lives up to your expectations. I am sure it will.

Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

Welcome, Glowwing hope you have fun :slight_smile:

I’m sure you mean well but in the future keep in mind how old some threads are by looking at the date of the last post. It’s a general rule of thumb to not post in threads that are over a month old unless the topic is relevant to the current date.

Nothing really wrong with welcoming a member a month later but do keep it in mind for other threads you want to post in.