Hey guys!

HAI GUIS ITS MEE! BOXXY YOU SEE? No i dont. anyway my dad took my computer, so if anyone was wondering why i havent been on thats why, though im sure 50% yall dont give a rats ass. so im stuck on the family computer for now until summer break starts then after two weeks ill be gone for 3 weeks at camp, so i may not be seing yall too much. i decided to stop by to ask two things:1. could one of yal check on my home/air place and make sure ka_52 does not fuck up my area with his bridge. and 2. how have yall been w/out me

Yea, I noticed you’re not on lately, and was wondering what’s up. Anyway if yiu want I can check ur stuff Monday but if someone griefs it there is always rollback so you’re good.

thanks man