Hey Guys!!! I'm back.

Yeah, I’m back and at the same time I am not. I am back to the forums for sure, but not the game entirely yet… I am going to try to get on the game but no promises. I hope to see some friendly faces when I return but don’t expect it. I know I kinda dropped of the radar without any warning, this was not of my own volition (My Mom took my computer because of my grades last school year.) But I believe that if I get good grades during the first few weeks I will get it back. As I said before this is not final statement it may be longer, it maybe shorter. I hope to see you guys soon.

Note: Do Not Get Any Where Near Me Or My Town.
you are warned

Well, that was a nice welcome back from Yomi there…

She means hi!

Amazing. Welcome back 8)

Welcome back! I hope to see you on the server soon :smiley:

Welcome back!! I am so excited! We have all missed you. And thanks for the private message. I hope you can come on the server!


Welcome back!

Also just out of interest Koala, have you ever actually drank tequila?