Hey friends

Hi everyone, I’m Geoff. I’m 19, and I live on Long Island, New York. Ive been on the server for about 2 weeks now, but I’m only now getting into the forums. I’m good at building modern architecture and I’m currently working on a soccer stadium for a new soccer team for Big City, Currently callled Big City Football Club, but I’m taking name suggestions.

Vamos Big City!

About time you made an actual welcome post…

“Welcome” to PCB, Geeawf! You’re a great addition to the server. Keep doing you.

Welcome! Your build in really nice!

Give me some credit I don’t know how forums work lmao


Just to help; you shouldn’t double post do there should be a “modify” button on the top of your post. You can edit and add new things using the modify button. If you ever need help with the forums I know the basics. XD

Welcome buddy.

Welcome to PCB hope you stay for years and years