Hey everyone! I'm Carlo

Hey guys.

My name is Carlo Laitano. I’m a UX Designer and frontend developer on the web. I’m 30 years old and spend most of my free time playing Bass or any kind of team sport.

I’m pretty new to Minecraft. Started with the PS4 edition doing single player survival mode. Thought it was time to step it up and get into multiplayer so I bought it on my computer. I have always watched megabuild videos on youtube and it got me into wanting to learn how to create original structures. Hopefully I can get to know everyone soon!

Hey carlo, Im twan, I hope you enjoy your time with us and hope to see you around sometime!


Welcome to Project city build

hope you enjoy minecraft as much as we all do. we have some people of all abilities and been playing various periods of time i myself have had it sine first public beta take alook around big city i think that will help

Welcome to project city build!

 Hay Carlo, my  name is Katycat_ but you can call me Katy. I hope to see you around on the server soon and I hope you enjoy your time with us on the server! =D

Yo! Welcome to PCB, Carlo! I think you’ll like our community; we have a lot of people here that might be into the same stuff as you! I’m around more often on the forums than the server itself, but I try to make it on as much as possible! Welcome again!


come back to us bruvva

Hey Carlo! welcome to Project City Build my name is Sivlerhawk_ but call me Zwinky! I think you’ll love the community as everyone loves to build as much as you will! see you on the server

Hello! Please check out Big City for any city building inspiration

lol <3

Welcome! I’m britek, or Brit for short. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this server since we’ve always been an awesome community. By the way, I’m a girl, but as always, love the server for itself!

Welcome, Carlo! My name is Claudia and I hope we will be able to meet online! I hope you have a wonderful time here on PCB.