Helping another community start out with their minecraft era.

Hello everyone! as you might of guessed by the title, i am asking for ANYbody who is a average to awesome builder to help another community set up their spawn. I have personally been asked if i would like to help them. I would show you the PM but i already deleted it on accident.

If you would like to help, Say Aye

Also, I am not promoting this Server as i will only PM the IP unless granted permission by an admin saying i am allowed to post it. They have not given me the IP yet because They just sent the invite to me. If no one signs up, well, thats gonna be tough on them, as i am a horrible builder when it comes to everything and anything.

People who i would like to sign up. You dont have to but i do request you do.
(these are the people i have seen build on classic or creative. dont feel bad you arnt on it. I may not have seen your builds.)

Anyone who can do boats(idk who made the boat in Survival spawn)
(more to come. just need to see some more builds by other people.)
(not in any specific order)

If you want to help out. I am on PCB NORMALLY between 350-500PM CST (GMT -6). Show me your best build in Creative if you would like to.

Staff, if this violates the rules in any way, DO NOT POST!!! Just remove the topic and PM me. I will understand.

List of people who are willing to help out in their free time (AKA Confirmed):


Plug ins:


Actually, I would love to help out if at all possible. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen some of my builds though.

I wouldn’t mind helping if i have time. Might be fun.

Go ahead and send me it, i may or may not be on, whether i have time or not.

You don’t want my help? Fine then!

Jk. I’d love to help :slight_smile:

Count me in!

I can do boats :3

I would totally love to help but, Its hard for my computer to try and run classic.

This isnt classic

Oh ok then nvm ya ill help the best i can

I’d be interested in helping too! I build boats aswell as buildings, PM me if you need more helpers! :smiley:

Oh yeah, could you PM me the Ip?

I will PM anyone who is on the list the IP once i get it. For now, i have not gotten it as the owners of the server are quite busy.

I can help as well if any is needed.

Anyone good at setting up plugins? I talked with the owner and he says he needs help with the plugins.

I can do plugins, but not too great with permissions.

Ok permissions is the biggest thing They need help on, Otherwise, they just wasted another months worth of donations on a server w/o permissions.

im not that great at building unless i have inspiration for something, but i can do interior decorating fairly well. or Roads and outdoorsy type things… shoot me an IP and ill see what i can do

Can you find anyone to do permissions?

Also hard24get im looking for your help on this. I struck out at least 3 dozen times

I mean, i can do permissions, im just not the best and it may take a few tries