I took a portal I found in the end, stupidly thinking it’d take me back to the overworld and ended up on an asteroid and then even more stupidly tried to railgun to the main island andn ow I’m in the middle of falling to my death (I disconnected to stop myself dying). Can someone help me by either tping me to land or something or else I’m gonna die and lose everything =/

lawl, when i first read this i thought it was for SMP and i was like how the hell is he on an asteroid. Then i saw railgun and was like OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Yeah i would love to help but until the ranks are synched im useless on FTB.

Fatty, that is your que

We can’t really help there. It will be very difficult to type /tp Anjwalker to liam599/fatso12321/etc quick enough to stop you dying. Plus, that is kind of cheating, considering it was your own fault and stupidity that caused the situation. If this was SMP, staff would just be like “lolnope.”

Damnit :frowning: Then I’ve lost everything. I think I give up on ftb.

PS: On smp people wouldn’t be able to leave portals around the end, sending you to your doom.

You knew the end was dangerous… You know how portals work… You went there without a reliable way to fly… You failed to notice your place on the map before attempting to “fly” back.

If I’m not mistaken, you were just given major upgrades to your power armor. Let me guess, you were wearing it while in the end? I want to help, but as Liam said, it may be impossible.

Yes I was wearing it in the end, I was killing endermen to make a portal gun so I needed armour.

And I did know where I was on the map, I didn’t know however that railguns are useless to fly with in the end and I don’t own a jetpack. I lost /that/ dying a while back.

EDIT: After considering it a while, I think a restart in ftb would be good for me anyway so I’ll just login and die. I was intending to move house and I can just do that in conjuction with a total restart so I can learn the ropes of FTB in a better fashion, presently I’ve been approaching it rather chaotically.