well i kinda need help here…

  1. i cant post on some topics


2.i cant log on to the new server. it says internal prob.

all help would be nice

sword masters a op so he can post zesty. ps sword howd you get premium minecraft?? is it on the nick_inc account?

i think sword means our new and awesome server.

All servers are down because of Mojang, be patient.

lol topic locked? i dont feel like locking it since people keep yelling at me for locking topics!

gosh damnit mojang


It should be back up for everyone now.

Mojang is still having some issues. It may go up and then back down.

failed to verify username?

Yea that is part of the issue. The Mojang servers aren’t authenticating users properly, we’ll have to wait for them.

[insert rage here]