I NEED minecraft for the PC. I had a choice between the PC and the 360 but i chose the 360 because of the splitscreen… but now i want it for the PC!!!

Can someone give me a giftcode? or help me find a place i where can get one!

I agree. Lol sorry, don’t have the money to waste on others right now. But, hey, Christmas is only 7+ months away!

Ark you know the pc version is ALOT better. PCB doesn’t have a x box server andd Xbox mc is newer with less features. Next time get pc. Hey shadowmeire when’s you’re pay check comin? Just wondering

guys you cant rely on shad to keep buying mc for you…

Lol just asking…

Also, if people wanted you to have a gift code, they would contact you with said gift code…

Oh ok, sorry, but is there like any competitons, generators, anything thats WORKS?!

dude what is up this the server’s…
I cant get on the creative server it keep’s saying “You are not white-Listed on this server!”
am I the only one geting that or are you all aswell >.<

I haven’t been anle to get on because Internet at my house is shut down.

Wolf, its not just you;topicseen#new
I posted there, read that xD

lol sorry liam i did not see it >.<
what a pain tho what is up with the server? they are both down XD

lol because the tittle “help!!!”
i put it here for help you see >.< that is why i posted it here

that is like the best reply any one can give. nice work :stuck_out_tongue:

What you can do is look on YouTube for a gift code giveaway. Also there are sites that give gift codes for cheap.

God Bless