help mods

how do i turn off mods before going into a server?
please help

youll have to uninstall the mods i think… i might be wrong

uninstall?? that sucks… :confused:

What mods? some can be disabled with modloader.

You cant turn off mods. You can replace your jar with a clean one ( basically uninstalling them) You do that by force updating

Well I got on the server earlier & noticed my to many items and world edit mod where active (ON THE SERVER). And I used modcraft to upload them to my .minecraft (I LOVE MODCRAFT! If u haven’t heard of it check it out). So I guess I’ll just keep a minecraft 1.0.0 folder to switch it out when I join servers… :slight_smile:
just wondering, r we not allowed to use too many items mod? Cuz I thought that was breaking the rules…

Thanks guys for ur help!! ^^

Those mods WILL NOT not work on the sever. And no you are not allowed to use nor can you use it anyway.

Good, that’s wat I thought :slight_smile:

From what I understand, the too many items mod will only work if you are able to use the /give command. The interface may still be there, but it wont work at all.

if u read too many items mod on the forums it says u have to be a server op for too many items to work

Just to clear the confusion up: I have TooManyItems installed, I go on the server with it enabled and the only way I can use it is if I have access to the /give or /item command, which only SOP+ do.