Help me out!

I am in dire need of a end of year book quote. Any ideas?

“My last words on this earth will probably be whoops or shit”

10/10 quote

“Click to add text”

" “I am so beautiful” in spanish"
“This space for rent”
“Take a picture it’ll last longer”
“Why did the chicken cross the road?”
“Move along nothing to see here”
“The real MVP”
“I make good soup”
"Honey, you got a big storm comin’ "
“Do I like, just write something down here?”
“Who even is this God guy anyway?”
“Meow - Cat”
“Look at this photograph, every time I see it makes me laugh”

“The world is a much brighter place when you’re not too bright for it.”

“I’m better online”

" “That’s what.” - She"
(That’s what she said)

“Thank you school name for teaching me friendship, understanding, community, kindness, youth, optimism and unity.”
(The list spells out ‘fuck you’)

“No, I don’t want a quote under my picture…”

“I’ll probably never do drugs.”

“One time, I ate a doughnut.”

“Life is though, but it’s thougher if you’re stupid”

“Raisin cookies that look like chocolate cookies are the main reason I have trust issues.”

“I’ll kiss you in the rain so you get twice as wet”


How about: “I don’t even go here” that’s always a good one

Honesty, Understanding, Generosity and Empathy leads to Thorough Intelligence Throughout Society”

Don’t think of yourself as n ugly person, think of yourself as a beautiful monkey.

“I need a yearbook quote.”


“Please, put it away…”





We didn’t even get a yearbook at our school. Heh.

“I wear a patch over one eye, and a false moustache and sometimes I put on green whiskers, on those occasions they call me “El Diablo.” I can tell you many things to make you sleepless! My enemies plan to dynamite this place, and they’re gonna blow us sky high! And I will be glad! I will be very happy, and so will you be.”

Ah, I love a good ol’ bit of The Glass Menagerie sometimes. The quote is edited to take out “mother” and other irrelevant things.

“ayyy lmao”


“That wasn’t like High School Musical at all”

“If you read this you will be dead in 100 years”